Acrylic Display Holders provide durability for unique environments


WallPockets originated from the need for a local mega-church to post their 350 weekly activities outside their multipurpose rooms, without using tape or push pins. Over the past 20 years, we have been surprised by the ways in which people envision our wall sign holders for use in their offices, manufacturing facilities and other places of work.

Hotel, Office, Industrial Use

If you work in an office environment or in a hotel, you know it’s essential and even required to post evacuation routes. Several customers have posted these in their hallways or even inside elevators using the wall pocket display holder.




Hotel, Office, Industrial, Retail Restrooms

Several years ago, I was in Salt Lake City for a ski trip. While waiting for luggage I went to the restroom only to find our product mounted to the wall with a restroom cleaning checkoff sheet inside. Again, these checklists are changed daily, which makes our wall pocket sign holders perfect. The PlexiPocket in particular is ideal for a restroom with its durable acrylic construction.



Industrial & Manufacturing Durability

Another harsh environment where you will find our wall sign frames is in manufacturing. Many of these factories have a lot of dust and oil. The PlexiPocket holder is up to the job. Use them to post MSDS sheets and equipment operation steps. Again, being made of rugged durable plastic acrylic, plexipockets can withstand the environment. Each plexipocket comes with 3M VHB (very high bond) double-face tape on the back with which to mount the sign frame. This VHB tape successfully bonds to glass, wood, and steel and provides the strength needed for permanent applications. The tape is moisture and temperature resistant and has been tested to hold 50 lbs per sq in of tape ensuring your pockets should not fall off whatever surface you mount them to. If you request it, we can pre drill screw holes in the upper corners for screw hole wall mounting.

Art Galleries and Museum Displays

Imagine going to an art exhibit and seeing custom mini PlexiPockets mounted next to art displays. We have had several orders for this purpose, one being for the Center for the Arts in NY and for the London Coin Gallery in California. The small clear acrylic face without a color border is mounted to display the artist/art description in a gallery and protects them from visitors. The Children’s Museum of Science and Technology ordered our product to display the daily schedule of children’s activities.


Earlier this year we received a custom quote for the acrylic PlexiPocket holder fabricated to a specific size. It was for an equestrian stable and they were using them to post the name and information about each horse.

Email us with your unique use and we’ll happily feature you on our blog!

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