Adding a Logo to Your Holder Enhances Your Branding


By now you realize there is room on the header for your organization’s logo. Your logo is a key part of your brand. Since your company name and brand reflects your company’s personality, take time to carefully consider these, when starting out on a new venture.

I found this website, which talks about and shows how some big name companies made initial logo and branding mistakes. You’ll be surprised.

If you are creating your own logo, I found this particular article very practical and to the point: 10 Tips for Designing Logos That Don’t Suck

Finally, and this has nothing to do with sign holders, but will appeal to you car buffs (my wife is a Motor City gal), go to the following link to read about Fascinating Things You didn’t know about Famous Car Logos.

Now most importantly, when you are ready to order your holders with a logo, you will need to call so we can arrange to get your logo emailed to us, etc. We will need it in an .eps format. If colors are critical, give us the PMS colors in your logo.

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