The Best Colors for Marketing Flyers to Attract People


One of the best features of our sign holders is the ability to easily change out the notice by sliding it into the holder. However, designing an effective notice is just as important as displaying it in an attractive holder. You’ll want to use graphics to incorporate colors and keep your text simple and readable while using a contrasting color to the background to get the best attention. Don’t clutter the notice… leave some “white” space.

Bright colors attract the eye and yellow is the top attention getter. Be cautious in the amount of yellow a flyer contains because it can cause eye fatigue. Shades of yellow contrast well with other dark colors, so using yellow as a background color works well. Psychologically yellow is associated with the sun and evokes the feeling of cheerfulness.
Red is a powerful, bold color that stands out and is effective at getting attention. Use it with black to create maximum contrast. The eye is naturally drawn to it, so use red for spotlighting important areas or information that you don’t want the reader to miss. Red emotionally causes feelings of excitement and stimulates the senses.


Orange is the combination of the top two attention-getting colors, but can be hard to incorporate into a design esthetically. It is generally an underused color, so if you decide to include orange in your marketing flyers you could experience higher readability. Orange is associated psychologically with autumn and things that are edible. Orange is a motivating color.

Bright Green

This color demands attention and should be used in areas that require high contrast to draw the reader in to important information. Be careful when using bright green in text because it can be hard to read. Although the color green represents nature to most people, bright green symbolizes fun and newness.


Black makes a statement easily and should be used for text on marketing flyers of all types. By using thick fonts and black color, your headline will jump off the page and attract views. It can be creatively used as a background in small sections depending on the flyers theme. Black contrasts easily with most colors and is esthetically pleasing. Psychologically, black symbolizes power and elegance.

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