We receive many orders from school systems who are finding that our acrylic wallpocket sign holders are perfect for posting the teacher’s name outside the classroom rather than taping these notices to walls.  They can also be used inside the classroom to post activities or progress reports. The plexicpocket is made of durable acrylic so kids won’t destroy them.  And let’s face it… teachers are pressed for time. ONEHOU12All you need to do is type up a notice on your computer, print it and insert it into our acrylic sign holder. The thumb notice makes it easy to insert, remove and re-insert your postings.  It will hold up to this repetitive use.  Unlike our competitors, our wallpocket acrylic sign holders can be colorized to match the school’s colors. We have even placed the school logo into the header of our sign holders. What makes these different is exactly this ability to make our holders more attractive than those you can get at office supply stores.


church picChurches tend to be a hub of activity throughout the week. There’s preschool, mothers morning out, guest lectures, classes, mission trips, choir, youth group, etc. With so much going on, churches are turning to our wallpocket sign display to organize and post information. Our wallpocket sign displays are perfect for identifying classroom activities, posting mission letters, posting upcoming events and speakers, posting the calendar or meeting times, or even simple evacuation routes. They are beginning to serve as the new bulletin board.

They come with color borders if you choose, to complement your decor and to enhance the interior environment.  Whether you choose the acrylic, brush aluminum, solid wood or solid surface wallpocket, we can meet your interior signage display needs



Lately we have received an increasing number of requests for custom menu boards with our acrylic pocket, especially from senior living facilities. As an example, Brookdale Senior Living Centers is outfitting all their locations with custom wall mounted menu holders. They prefer ours because we can customize them to match their interior décor, they are economical, you can remove and insert new menus in seconds, and we can reflect their brand by putting their logo on the top of the menu sign holder. So I researched menu boards, and recently came across a blog from a menu board vendor who has noticed that customers are not buying as many standard menu boards, instead they are turning to custom menu boards. He gave several reasons for this:

No one wants to look exactly the same as the guy next door. Yes you can create some separation by designing different graphics but most would prefer something that really distinguishes them.

Interior Design needs

The standard menu board products don’t fit the vision for the atmosphere these facilities would like to create. Customers are looking for a product that will complement and enhance their décor. We can design a menu sign board that addresses this need. We recently received a custom order for menu holders using our granite pocket product for an upscale senior living complex that even hosts wine and beer tastings!
Space Constraints

Let’s face it, wall space is at a premium. You may need a custom size to fit an available space for your menu board signage.

So, consider your needs, and contact us for your custom sign holder.

Caring for your sign holders

15629384_123rf Cleaning GlassAcrylic care consists of no more than normal wipe-cleaning to keep it looking new – but care should be taken to avoid scratches.

Cleaning Acrylic:

Use only a very soft damp cloth when cleaning acrylic surfaces. It is possible to scratch acrylic, so NEVER use any scouring compounds or chemical cleaners such as Windex or other glass cleaners (even if they are environmentally friendly, organic or non-scented). You can use a mild diluted dish soap with warm water and a new cloth diaper to help keep your sign holders free from fingerprints and dust. Should anything ever stick to an acrylic surface (such as an adhesive label or gummy substance) do not use any type of solvent.

Never use the same cloth that you clean other household items with – it can retain dirt, grit, and chemical residues that may harm your acrylic faces. We recommend using a new or separate cloth for your acrylic care.

Remember, acrylic sign holders are a great way to display your company or product information. With these simple tips, your notices will continue to look good in your holders.


kimberly clark logoKimberly Clark ordered their first WallPocket wall sign holder in 2009. I asked my contact if she would be willing to share her reasons for purchasing our WallPocket holders, and for reordering them! She responded:

“I have ordered the 8.5 x 11 and the 11 x 17 unlabeled PlexiPockets from WallPocket Company. They have a professional, clean look, are very durable, keep papers looking crisp, and the notched hole in the middle makes it easy to remove documents. The extra space for labeling at the top of the pocket is an added benefit, too. We use them in conference rooms, office areas and in high volume traffic areas to post calendars, room standards, procedures, etc. They are wrapped with great care in shipping and we have never received any broken pockets upon receipt. I highly recommend PlexiPocket wall pockets to use in any company for visual management!”



Visual management displays are critical to lean enterprises. Whether it is scoreboards, production control charts, team communication boards, visual management displays keep vital information flowing between lean management and employees, as well as between individuals and departments. They open communication and information sharing within the lean enterprise. To quote Dr. Thoralf Sundt of Mayo Clinic, “If I can see it, I can fix it.” The reverse must also be true – it’s hard to fix what you can’t see.

Examples of Lean Visual Management applications include:

storyboardGoal-setting and performance tracking

Employees need visual displays that show what is expected of them and how they are performing against those goals. These display boards are critical to success because they show trends in key performance indicators, preferably in real time.

Scheduling and production control

Many of the “who,” “what,” and “when” questions that arise are best addressed using display boards that communicate schedules, work orders, due dates, etc. Employees should have easy access to the visual management boards so they can quickly determine what they need to do next; this helps eliminate time wasted searching, asking and waiting for verbal instructions and supervision.

StoryBoard1Idea sharing and team communication

Kaizen improvements achieve the best results when performed as a team-based endeavor; communication boards serve a useful role in getting everyone involved in sharing ideas, identifying root causes, and brainstorming countermeasures.

Report kaizen results and awards

Visual displays are also beneficial for presenting results and recognizing achievements among a kaizen event team. Tracking boards and visual management tools are especially important in multi-shift operations where groups rarely have the opportunity to meet face-to-face.

If you are a lean manufacturing facility, consider the oversize 11×17 acrylic wall sign holders for your visual displays. Two of our global manufacturing customers order these large wallpockets for this purpose. Both have remarked that it is easy to update their performance displays and to keep prior displays. They simply move the old sheet to the back. With a ¼” opening, the pockets on our wall sign holders can easily hold 12+ sheets of paper. The other comment is that the acrylic holds up well in the manufacturing environment.

Stately Wood Sign Holders Come in a Variety of Grains

We haven’t spent much time talking about the WoodPocket wall sign display and find that the military and government tends to purchase this product. You have a choice of standard walnut and oak backgrounds, in portrait or landscape, however maple and cherry are available as custom orders. If you select a dark grain background, like walnut, we suggest you emphasize the border of your pockets with a contrasting light color such as gold, silver, white or beige. For lighter color grains such as oak or maple, dark border colors such as black or cocoa provide a rich look. Of course, for something more whimsical, you can select green, blue, burgundy or any of our other color choices. That’s the benefit our wall holders offer over our competitors – the ability to create and color match as you desire.

Our wood backers are not crafted from imported woods or cheap imitations. Our wood pocket sign holders are fabricated from U.S. hardwoods. Our wood vendor is a family-based business located in Montana who takes as much pride in their workmanship as we do in ours.

Display Your Notices in Style

paper-on-a-boardHave you ever seen notices thrown up on walls and doors with messy push pins and cellophane tape? We created the wall pocket sign holder specifically to eliminate this problem.

WallPockets were first created in 1991 to answer a need at one of Atlanta’s largest churches, First Baptist Church of Woodstock, for a decorative, affordable messaging/display system for their multipurpose rooms, which hold over 350 weekly functions.

wallpocket What differentiates our product from the competitor? First and foremost is the aesthetic appeal. WallPocket Company also offers the unique ability to customize colors and headers of your wall sign display system. So…why settle for a generic plastic sign holder when you can get one that really shows who you are?

We are also proud of our commitment to quality. We put our reputation into our work and our job is to make you shine when people see these in your facility. We use only the best materials available and we are so confident in the quality of our work, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Contact us today for more information about our wall sign display system for schools, churches, universities, offices, hotels and more!

WallPocket Sign displays hold up to the challenges presented by animals

Molly Dog

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Molly, who came with us everywhere we went, whether it was to work, hiking, backpacking or long car rides to Michigan! Sadly she has passed, but if you have ever been a pet owner, you know the sheer joy these companion animals bring. Below are some interesting statistics presented by the American Veterinary Medical Group:

Dogs Cats Birds Horses
Percent of households owning 36.5% 30.4% 3.1% 1.5%
Number of households owning 43,346,000 36,117,000 3,671,000 1,780,000
Average number owned per household 1.6 2.1 2.3 2.7
Total number in United States 69,926,000 74,059,000 8,300,000 4,856,000

Why are we talking about pets in this blog? Because if you are a veterinarian or have a business that involves caring for people’s pets, wallpocket sign holders may be an asset for your facility. If I haven’t already mentioned it, we have sold the alumapocket and acrylic plexipocket holders to stables, veterinarians, and pet resorts. These businesses are similar to the hospitality industry. In the case of pets, sign holders are used to identify a horse’s name in a stall, an activity within a pet resort, or even to label vet clinical rooms, much like they are used to label clinical areas at the National Institute of Health, which is another one of our customers.

If you’re not sure, order just one pocket as a sample. If you don’t like it, you can return it for a full refund. This only applies to our standard line of wall pocket sign holders. Once you get them, people have told us they didn’t know how they used to function without them!

Why do your wall sign holders have dual bottom slots?

wall-pocketWhat are the dual bottom slots for? We recognized that in office environments it’s not unusual for things like paper clips to fall into the top opening of the wall sign holder. Without the slots you would have to try to fish it out from the top which is very difficult. Now all you need to do is insert a ruler or some narrow device down into the pocket and move that unnecessary paperclip to the open slot and it will fall out of the bottom. It’s that simple! Dust build up – no problem. You can gently blow out the acrylic faces.

Keep in mind we designed the wall display holders to be easy to use and low maintenance. You are probably too busy to disassemble some of the other acrylic display brands, as they require, and to reassemble. Many require tools to do this, too. But not the wall pocket. The acrylic faces on our wall sign holders can also be cleaned with glass cleaner occasionally. We use these ourselves in our business and know how functional and headache free they need to be.

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