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WallPocket wall sign holders are versatile – we have something that will fit your display needs!


Use wall sign holders as a simple framing solution to display pictures, or even children’s artwork. We can mount magnets to the back for a nominal fee, to display items on your refrigerator. Keep in mind we have various sizes. While open top is the usual design, we can also produce side mount. These display […]

Maybe you need our “Face-Only” holder


I thought you’d enjoy seeing how versatile our wall pockets are. Hillside UMC designed a large 4’ x 8’ communications board to accommodate oversized 11” x 17” clear pockets to highlight their events. Highland Park UMC configured an 8-pocket system to showcase events and information. You may notice that the pockets on these custom products […]

Which sign holder is right for me?


By now you know we offer sign holders in four primary substrates: acrylic, wood, aluminum composite and solid surface, giving you a broad choice of product materials to suit your particular application. So which one is right for you? I would start with your budget and your environment. Certainly the plexipocket remains the most cost […]

I’ve never heard of an AlumaPocket – what is it?


People don’t often think about putting an aluminum product on their walls, but one of our very popular WallPocket products, are the brush nickel and brush gold sign holders. They offer a modern look, while remaining durable and eliciting excitement. Handcrafted in the USA, we sell a lot of these for use in sports venues, […]

The Role of Color in Enhancing Visibility and Legibility


One feature which sets the wallpocket sign holder apart from the usual kinds you can get at your local office supply store, is that our holders have colorized borders, text and sometimes colored backers. Research shows that colorful items receive more attention that mono-colored items. So, let’s look at some color research. I found this […]

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