Lately we have received an increasing number of requests for custom menu boards with our acrylic pocket, especially from senior living facilities. As an example, Brookdale Senior Living Centers is outfitting all their locations with custom wall mounted menu holders. They prefer ours because we can customize them to match their interior décor, they are economical, you can remove and insert new menus in seconds, and we can reflect their brand by putting their logo on the top of the menu sign holder. So I researched menu boards, and recently came across a blog from a menu board vendor who has noticed that customers are not buying as many standard menu boards, instead they are turning to custom menu boards. He gave several reasons for this:

No one wants to look exactly the same as the guy next door. Yes you can create some separation by designing different graphics but most would prefer something that really distinguishes them.

Interior Design needs

The standard menu board products don’t fit the vision for the atmosphere these facilities would like to create. Customers are looking for a product that will complement and enhance their décor. We can design a menu sign board that addresses this need. We recently received a custom order for menu holders using our granite pocket product for an upscale senior living complex that even hosts wine and beer tastings!
Space Constraints

Let’s face it, wall space is at a premium. You may need a custom size to fit an available space for your menu board signage.

So, consider your needs, and contact us for your custom sign holder.

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