Acrylic Sign Holders for Unique Signage Needs

Normal sign holders only go so far towards making your signs stand out for the people you want to notice them. If you’re looking for a more interesting display solution than boring plastic holders or you need a specialized shape or size for holding your signs, turn to The WallPocket Company for a CustomPocket™ display holder designed to your unique specifications. As the source for decorative sign holders since 1991, we make all kinds of custom sign and document protectors for doors, walls, and wherever you need your signage to draw people’s attention, with virtually limitless design options.

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CustomPocket™ Display Holder

We fabricate wall mounted sign display holders (Wall Pockets) in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes to meet your specific needs. Order with your specifications and we will custom design a wall mount sign holder display which will get you the attention you deserve!

We can make WallPockets to fit whatever size notice you use:

Tri-fold brochures, 8.5″ x 14″,11″ x 14″, 11″ x 17″, half sheets, name plates, optional side opening pockets, and more. Your wall mounted sign holder fits your needs.

Custom Colors

Match your company colors! We offer 50+ colors to choose from for your backer and border/headers. Dozens of solid surface colors for GranitePockets!

Specialty Wood Choices

Maple and cherry woods are available upon request.

Custom Logos

Increase your brand awareness by labeling your pockets with your logo. Optional etched in text and graphics on custom GranitePockets™.

ADA/Braille Compliance

Available upon request.

Magnetic Backer

Available on the acrylic display PlexiPocket only, a magnetic backer for your wall mounted sign is ideal for posting your WallPocket on refrigerators, office cabinets, any steel work area. $3.00 extra.
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Our custom-made sign holders are perfect for virtually any application, from church room labels to college classroom schedules and more. Some of the customization options for our CustomPocket™ products include:
  • A variety of base materials, including acrylic, wood, brushed metal, and even granite, available in many different colors
  • Standard top loading or side loading openings by request
  • Magnetic backers for attaching your sign to a refrigerator, file cabinet, or other magnetic surface
  • Custom labeling options for company logos, room numbers, and more
  • Over 50 different color choices for borders and headers
  • A plethora of sizes to choose from, as well as specialty applications like name plates, tri-fold brochure holders, multiple document holders, and more
Additionally, all of our custom sign holders are designed with highly durable, clear acrylic fronts that protect your signs and documents while resisting cracking and other forms of damage. They also have unique thumb notches at the openings for easy access, as well as cleaning slots at the bottom to prevent the buildup of dust and other debris. To learn more about the customizable sign holders that we offer and to ask about a sample, contact The WallPocket Company today.
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