Installation/Mounting Instructions

Each Wall Pocket sign holder comes with either screw holes or pre-applied double-faced tape for easy installation and mounting on most surfaces. Our interchangeable wall mounted signs are easy to customize for maximum exposure signage in schools, churches, offices, industrial and retail stores.


  • PlexiPockets, AlumaPockets and WoodPockets all come with VHB double-faced tape.
  • VHB tape will work on most smooth, clean surfaces.
  • VHB Tape will NOT work on brick or concrete block applications; and additional adhesive or screws will be required.
  • Applications on textured surfaces or surfaces that move or receive excess vibrations may also require additional adhesive.
  • Our recommendation is to mount the wall sign 60” from the floor to the center of the pocket.
  • Most applications will have the sign holder mounted to the door handle side of the door approximately 2” from the door frame.

1) Measure and mark the location for the sign holder Wall Pocket.
2) Turn the wall pocket over and remove the red film from the surface of the double-faced tape.
3) Align the wall pocket beside the door frame so that the wall pocket is level to the floor with the insert opening facing upward.
4) Place the wall pocket against the wall and firmly rub over the area where the tape is located with a soft cloth thus pressing the sign holder pocket to the wall.
5) Test that the wall pocket sign holder is secure by lightly tugging on the wall pocket holder to make sure it will not come loose from the surface of the wall.