I’ve never heard of an AlumaPocket – what is it?


People don’t often think about putting an aluminum product on their walls, but one of our very popular WallPocket products, are the brush nickel and brush gold sign holders. They offer a modern look, while remaining durable and eliciting excitement. Handcrafted in the USA, we sell a lot of these for use in sports venues, especially the brush nickel. The backer is made of an aluminum composite material that’s about 1/8” thick, making these nice and sturdy. The face remains the durable acrylic with the thumb notch for easy retrieval of your notices. These are also great for manufacturing environments because they are so easy to clean. Manufacturing facilities often purchase these to post equipment instructions and OSHA rules. The Fiesta Bowl purchased an oversize holder to post their Employee of the Month. This product is especially nice when you add a logo to the header. Consider the AlumaPocket for your unique messaging.

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