When Cheap Plastic Sign Holders Don’t Hold Up, Turn to The WallPocket Company

Plastic Sign HoldersThe plastic sign holders available in many office supply stores are often flimsy or weak and brittle, and they can melt or turn yellow over a relatively short period of time. For truly durable sign holders that you can be proud to display your signs in, trust The WallPocket Company, the source for decorative sign holders since 1991. Rather than use cheap plastic materials, our PlexiPocket™ acrylic sign pockets are manufactured with impact-, fade-, and crack-resistant materials to protect your signs and documents. They are also available in a wide range of border colors that you can choose from to make your signage stand out, and we can add custom labeling to the headers. They even come with thumb notches for easy access to switching out papers and our innovative dual cleaning slots to easily remove debris without needing to remove the holder from the wall.

In addition to our PlexiPocket™ fully acrylic sign holders, we also offer the following models to give even more options that plain plastic sign holders simply can’t offer:

  • AlumaPocket™ – Finished in your choice of brushed gold or nickel, the aluminum base for this sign holder is perfect for suiting a modern or industrial aesthetic.
  • WoodPocket™ – This sign pocket comes with a wooden base made of solid oak or walnut to lend a sophisticated and stately appearance to your door or wall.
  • CustomPocket™ – If our three basic options aren’t quite what you’re looking for, you can design your own customized sign holder to your exact specifications.

What’s more, all of our PlexiPocket™, AlumaPocket™, and WoodPocket™ standard designs are covered by our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. That’s because, unlike with most manufacturers of cheaply made plastic sign holders, we stand by the high quality of our materials and craftsmanship and want to make sure your signs are displayed exactly how you want them.

For more information on how our signage compares to average plastic sign holders, contact The WallPocket Company today.

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