Which sign holder is right for me?


By now you know we offer sign holders in four primary substrates: acrylic, wood, aluminum composite and solid surface, giving you a broad choice of product materials to suit your particular application.

So which one is right for you? I would start with your budget and your environment. Certainly the plexipocket remains the most cost effective product, while the granitepocket is upscale.

Generally, schools/educational centers tend to purchase the practical plexipocket acrylic sign holder, while hotel/hospitality customers enjoy the stately granite pockets. The military tends to purchase wood holders. Clinics and research centers usually prefer the plexipocket unless they are going into administrative offices. Churches like plexipockets for their classrooms and wood sign holders in their lobby.

If you need help determining which product is right for you, just contact us at the WallPocket Company at 866-662-6200 .

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