Stately Wood Sign Holders Come in a Variety of Grains


We haven’t spent much time talking about the WoodPocket wall sign display and find that the military and government tends to purchase this product. You have a choice of standard walnut and oak backgrounds, in portrait or landscape, however maple and cherry are available as custom orders. If you select a dark grain background, like walnut, we suggest you emphasize the border of your pockets with a contrasting light color such as gold, silver, white or beige. For lighter color grains such as oak or maple, dark border colors such as black or cocoa provide a rich look. Of course, for something more whimsical, you can select green, blue, burgundy or any of our other color choices. That’s the benefit our wall holders offer over our competitors – the ability to create and color match as you desire.

Our wood backers are not crafted from imported woods or cheap imitations. Our wood pocket sign holders are fabricated from U.S. hardwoods. Our wood vendor is a family-based business located in Montana who takes as much pride in their workmanship as we do in ours.

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