Why do your wall sign holders have dual bottom slots?


What are the dual bottom slots for? We recognized that in office environments it’s not unusual for things like paper clips to fall into the top opening of the wall sign holder. Without the slots you would have to try to fish it out from the top which is very difficult. Now all you need to do is insert a ruler or some narrow device down into the pocket and move that unnecessary paperclip to the open slot and it will fall out of the bottom. It’s that simple! Dust build up – no problem. You can gently blow out the acrylic faces.

Keep in mind we designed the wall display holders to be easy to use and low maintenance. You are probably too busy to disassemble some of the other acrylic display brands, as they require, and to reassemble. Many require tools to do this, too. But not the wall pocket. The acrylic faces on our wall sign holders can also be cleaned with glass cleaner occasionally. We use these ourselves in our business and know how functional and headache free they need to be.

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