WallPocket wall sign holders are versatile – we have something that will fit your display needs!


Use wall sign holders as a simple framing solution to display pictures, or even children’s artwork. We can mount magnets to the back for a nominal fee, to display items on your refrigerator. Keep in mind we have various sizes. While open top is the usual design, we can also produce side mount. These display holders are an inexpensive way to highlight your notices. Plus you can colorize the frame border to add an extra touch, which our competitors don’t do.

You will also find our sign frames useful in retail environments. For example, Flippin’ Pizza uses them to hold their menus. They can easily change out the menus and they are easy for customers to retrieve.




Football season is here. So what do our Wallpockets have to do with Football? Well, the Fiesta Bowl purchased our brush nickel alumapocket sign holders to showcase their Volunteer of the Week in their corporate lobby. It’s a classy, modern look that complements their décor.










Are you a school? The most common use of our acrylic sign holder is to identify classrooms. Many public school systems have purchased our wall mounted sign holders because it’s easy to print out the teacher’s name and/or classroom subject and insert it into the wall pocket. As teachers or rooms change, it’s a simple matter of removing the old notice and inserting the new. They also find our display holders to be a clean and organized way of showcasing their Teacher of the Month or ParaPro of the Month.

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